Friday, August 31, 2007

Lost above the clouds by 8.30am.

Friday 31 August 2007 Vera de Bidasoa to Elizondo 30km

Un dia muy largo, muy duro. A long and hard day. We walked 33 kms in total. Should have been 30 but we managed to get lost and walked about 3 kilometres into France before we figured out we were going the wrong way. Fortunately we got a lift off a local french farmer who dropped us back over the border and showed us the way we should have gone. Total vertical climb for the day 1150 metres and the worst part was the last 7 kms where we dropped about 900 metres down to the village of Elizondo. We were buggered. Hechos polvo. Quedamos en una pension por la noche y mañana será un dia de descanso. We found a cheap hotel for the night and tomorrow is a rest day. The feet are now so sore that standing in the shower hurts. Chris Bennett came up with the brilliant idea of putting the bathmat inside the shower to pad the shower base. Our next walking section will be a long climb of 1100 metres over 18 kilometres and for the first time we will be camping out in the mountains. I am just hoping that the weather holds out for the next two days. It has been threatening to rain.

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