Wednesday, May 21, 2008

7 months later.

Well we have been back in New Zealand for 7 months now and the Big Walk seems like distant history however I have been promising myself that I want to tweak the blog a bit. We have a lot more photos now and the early entries at the beginning of the walk weren't that detailed so they need to be upgraded. I want to see if I can also put a map on the blogsite showing the actual walk that we did (we did a few extras apart from the GR11, climbing to the top of Puigmal for example and a visit over to the Sierra de Cadi).
Now that the pain in my feet has subsided my thoughts are turning to the next challenge; I like Spain so maybe a walk through the Picos de Europa? Its only 250 kilometres so it would be, as Mr. Bennett was so fond of saying as we struggled uphill in the Pyrenees, a walk in the park.


Barrie Fairhurst said...

Well done on the GR11 - I did it a few months earlier than you and had wonderful weather (sorry). I've just found your blog today and it was great to know I was not the only one to suffer on the descent into Pineta which was 1,460m vertically and horizontally I recall! I also did a blog

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